Commercial Painting Vancouver

First Impressions are very important.


Before a prospective client or customer gets to know your business, all they have to go by is your appearance – the image your company projects. A good image sends a message that a business is doing well.

This attracts more business and the company expands. Our commercial clients in Greater Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland re-decorate their premises because they know it can help increase their sales and profit.

Vancouver Commercial Painting

The Difference in Our Commercial Projects

There is a big difference between commercial and residential painting. For one, the interruption to a homeowner is an inconvenience. But to the business owner any interruption may mean lost profit or worse, lost clientele. What do we do to minimize the impact?

When We're Done

When the job is over we’ll leave you touch up paint so any future damage can easily be made good. We show you how to do the touch up or for a small charge we will return for maintenance painting.

Your office, store or restaurant will look bright and new, attracting new business and showing that you care and work hard to make your place attractive and bright. People notice these things and judge a business by the care a manager puts into the spaces.

We think of all these things so you can carry on the business of expanding your company. That’s our job.

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