How We Work It's all in the details.

Pre-Work Inspection

It all starts with a free on-site inspection. Occasionally small jobs can be quoted by email using photos, drawings or room dimensions, but for most jobs we come out to see you.

We will look over the condition of the surfaces we’ll be painting, the condition of the old paint and other factors like height or accessibility issues. We’ll usually take photos and measurements on site.

We will send you a written quote by email with exact specifications of what we will do, what to expect and the firm price. We do not follow up or ‘pressure’ you on the project but are available to answer any further questions you may have.

If you like our quote you sign off on it and send it back to us. A crew is then scheduled and will contact you in advance, towards the end of their current project.

Getting to work

Inside Work

The crew foreman will meet with you, walk through the project and the contract and explain how he intends to approach it, where we will start and so on. For inside painting we will organize with you who is going to move what. Moving things is always an issue on interior work. Usually we ask you to remove the smaller items and many larger items (bed, couch, dresser) can remain in the room. We will cover them up.

Your painter will arrive with everything he needs including ladders,  tools, brushes, masking tape, drop sheets, equipment, etc. You don’t have to worry about anything.

On Day One we normally start with furniture moving and any needed prep to the walls, patching and caulking as needed. We go pick up the paint which is the colour and sheen requested. (It is included in your price.) You do not have to know anything about paint or colours. We can help with that if you are stuck and will give advice. We normally pay much less for paint than you do, so we always purchase the premium grade for your job. Good paint makes our job easier too.

With the paint in hand the patching compound is now dry and sanding is done. We vacuum up any dust created. Painting begins in one room and we then move on to the next room.

Again we help with the moving if requested and you can begin bringing order to the newly painted room while we work on the next.

The paint is very low-odour these days. Only a tiny handful of people complain about smell (it is non-toxic) and there is no problem to sleep in your house that night.

And that’s how your inside job is done.

exterior painting

Outside Work

Exterior painting is even easier for you. It starts with the same inspection and estimating process. But because it occurs outside it does not affect your daily routine. You can go shopping or to work as we do not need to enter the home. Some people even schedule this painting while they are on vacation. 

Once your crew foreman arrives the first step is power-washing. This is the premier method recommended by the MPI (Master Painters Institute) who set industry standards for painters in North America. Power-washing is done to remove dirt and loose paint as well as mildew from the outside surfaces. Sometimes chemicals are used to kill any heavy areas of mildew.

The house is then allowed to thoroughly dry.

The next step will be prep-work just as inside. Any remaining loose paint must be scraped off. Bare patches must be primed. If there are gaps where rainwater might get in we caulk those open gaps. 

The paint is applied by a combination of spray-painting, brushes and rollers. The spray-painting is done in a very controlled manner. If it is too windy we do not spray. The machines used allow very fine control by the operator. The last time we got paint on a car was 2002 and we paid for detailing the car to look better than it did before. It is THAT rare for spray painting to be a difficulty.

Kassel Painting complies with WorkSafeBC regulations for ladder safety and working at heights. Each crew is lead by a foreman trained in ladder safety who acts as safety officer on the job. Our last claim with Worker’s Compensation was also over a decade ago and was for a cut which required out-patient treatment. We take safety seriously as we all want to go home in one piece at night. 

Most houses or small commercial buildings can be completed in about a week. Big projects take longer.

The season for outside painting varies. Usually it starts somewhere in late-March to Mid-April and end around the middle or end of October. 

Vancouver Exterior House Painting

Painting the exterior of your home does so many things: increases your curb appeal, raises the value of you home & protects your investment. 

peace of mind

Our Warranty

Over two decades we have developed a warranty fair to all parties. It is simple, based on experience and realistic expectations from Industry Guidelines or Best Practices. It is easy for a seller to ‘promise the earth’ to get the sale, but it can be disappointing to the consumer if that promise is not realistically attainable.

So below we give you our warranty, in simple language, covering our procedures and the technical basis behind WHY we do WHAT we do:

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